David Gielan | Writes & Cowrites
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Writing For Others

mmp2Whether it’s a collaboration with a hot artist or someone is looking for a fresh new track, David Gielan is not one to shy away from a challenge. Spanning the likes of¬†Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic, Pop, Rock, Folk,… you name it, David’s done it. With credits now in the hundreds and 15 plus years writing for others, there is little that he hasn’t done. David has worked with such writing legends as Grammy Award winner Keli Nicole Price, Marshall Leathers (EMI), and Doug Makuta (Bluestone) and continues to collaborate¬†with some of the best songwriters in the industry. Beyond the traditional writing session, David has also earned credits while producing and engineering albums for some of the indie music scene’s most talented artists as well as collaborating as an artist himself with acts such as The Klassiks and David Geftakys.